Show Guide: 'Trending Fear'

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Synopsis: Adam Ellis became a viral sensation when he documented his haunting on social media under the hashtag #DearDavid. Now he helps others escape their own paranormal nightmares as he investigates haunted locations across America.

The Cast:
Adam Ellis
Jan Lewis
Paul Bradford

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (Travel)
1-01 Evil Deliverance--12/20/2019
The team is thrown into paranormal chaos when they investigate a home in one of New Jersey's most haunted towns. They bring in a seventh-generation shaman after evidence reveals the property might be an ancient burial ground.

1-02 Voodoo Vendetta--12/27/2019
Adam, Jen and Paul arrive in La Grande, OR, after they receive a desperate tweet from a woman who fears her deceased grandmother is haunting her. The team investigates if voodoo is behind the terrifying paranormal activity.

1-03 Haunted Homecoming--01/03/2020
Jen heads home to Norwood, MA with Adam and Paul in tow to investigate reports of a dark entity lurking in the basement of a historic theater. They call on a local psychic to find answers not found in the town's history books.

1-04 Ghost Train To Terror--01/10/2020
Adam, Jen and Paul work their way to Tomball, TX, where a local barbeque joint is plagues by paranormal activity; including sightings of a spectral locomotive. The team steps in to reclaim the business from the stubborn spirits.

1-05 Paranormal Witness--01/17/2020
Adam, Jen and Paul make their way to Tucson, AZ, where a new father is up to his neck in paranormal activity. Their investigation reveals the family's home may have a grisly connection to a twisted serial killer.

1-06 Boss Man--01/24/2020
Adam, Paul and Jen take on their most extreme case yet at a historic home with a freakish paranormal infestation in Minneola, Texas. Their research uncovers an alarming history that sheds light on the demonic activity.

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