Compete For A Chance To Win Part Of A $55K Prize In Big Game #TumsWorthySweepstakes Bingo

Post by: AYS Staff 04 February, 2021

I've been locked down with a teenager for ten months and I work in a profession that has roughly the same amount of job security as a vacuum cleaner repair person. So I am not only aware of the concept of stress, but I am a long-time user of Tums.

I am also ambivalent about watching Tom Brady in another "Big  Game," so having a bit of a distraction is going to be a good thing.

All of which is my way of saying that I am going to all in playing the #TumsBingoSweepstakes.

It's pretty easy to play and in the tradition of the couch potato nation, it doesn't require a lot of effort.

Just visit and register for your free digital bingo card. Registration just requires an email address and Twitter handle.

You'll receive a code that opens up your own individual bingo card that includes all sorts of "TUMSworthy moments" that occur live during the game. Every time on of the moments happens, your card automatically updates.

Here are the official rules according to Tums (and you can find a more complete version here):

Players who complete a line on their B-I-N-G-O board by the end of the game, and tweet #TUMSBingoSweepstakes, are entered to win the grand prize of $35,000. To earn additional chances to win, players are encouraged to tweet after the completion of each square on their board using #TUMSBingoSweepstakes in their posts and can also choose to share TUMSworthy moments not reflected on their game board. For many, enjoying those inevitable heartburn-inducing options during the BIG GAME is still worth the burn.

The possible "TumsworthyMoments" on each Bingo card were developed by Sports Analyst Kenny White aka the “Wizard of Odds." And based on my sample card (or the one you see above), there are plenty of chances to match squares and possibly win some money.

Which is a good thing, since I have often said that you'd have to pay me to watch Tom Brady possibly win another Big Game.


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