Celebrate National Thank A Mail Carrier Day With 'Pikwik Pack'

Post by: 27 January, 2021

While it might not already be on your calendar, February 4th is National Thank A Mail Carrier Day and if you have preschooler, celebrating the day could be a lot of fun.

To make things easier, the gang at the DisneyJr. series Pikwik Pack have created special activity pack to help celebrate mail carriers. The new activities will give preschoolers and their families great ways to help preschoolers and their families show their appreciation for their mail carrier and other delivery workers, who we've all relied on more than ever this past year.

The activities can be found on the Pikwick Pack web site and will be available through the month of February.

The next new episode of Pikwik Pack premieres February 6th and in the episode, when Suki's favorite band Calvin and the Rainbow Unicorns come to play, sunshine and rainbows are always on the way! But when big clouds threatening to ruin the whole concert, can the Pikwik Pack work together to save the day? Then, it’s Race Day, and the Pikwik Pack are competing to see who can make the fastest delivery to Raffi the Giraffe and his friends the Beavers. Axel takes an early lead but his focus on winning gets in his way of what’s really important - having fun.  

And make sure to check out the video below:



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