'The Curse Of Oak Island' Recap: 01/19/2021

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We are now beginning episode eleven of the eighth season of The Curse Of Oak Island and not to be pessimistic, but the title of this episode is "Rocky Road." Sadly, I don't think this refers to ice cream.

As always, the tease at the top of the episode sounds promising. Some sort of "high end" gold coin is found in the swamp and wood is found deeper than expected in one of the bore holes. Could the team finally be on the trail of the money pit (for the 43rd time?).

At the start of "another exciting day on Oak Island," Rick and Marty Lagina, along with their partner Craig Tester, Terry Matheson, Charles Barkhouse and other members of their team continue a drilling operation in the Money Pit area. The team is looking at a core sample which appears to include a large hunk of a wooden beam, found at a depth of 165 feet. The current drill hole is about ten feet from the hole called "OC-1," which was drilled a year ago and found pieces of wood at a depth of about 150 feet. The wood was later dated to 1706, which could make the pieces part of the original money pit. The team decides to drill another 10-15 feet, to see if they hit other wood samples or the bedrock.

The next core goes down to 185 feet and is a lot of wet clay with some small wood pieces mixed in. That level is too deep to be part of any searcher tunnel and is in fact deeper than the team expected to find anything. The deepest shaft or tunnel of any kind is the so-called "Hamilton Shaft," which went down to 170 feet. Craig Tester decides the best thing to do is go a bit deeper to see if they uncover anything else. In the meantime, he heads over to the swamp.

In the triangle-shaped swamp, Rick Lagina, Dr. Ian Spooner and metal detection expert Gary Drayton continue searching for valuable clues along the mysterious stone-paved pathway discovered earlier this year in the southeastern corner of the swamp. Archaeologists Liz Michaels, Dr. Aaron Taylor and Miriam Amirault - along with Jack Begley - continue working to clear mud and muck off the surface of the feature.

As Gary Drayton examines the mud with his metal detector, he makes a potentially interesting find: a gold-colored knob of some sort. But what is it from?

Later that afternoon, Craig Tester meets with Marty Lagina back in the War Room to update him on the latest information from the drilling at the Money Pit. After some conversation, Marty advises Craig to keep drilling deeper, because wood splinters that size could be part of the collapse of the money pit. Or could be part of the money put itself.

The archaeologists are now wrapping up work at the mysterious feature that has come to be known as the "serpent mound." Initially, the thought was that it had some sort of religious significance, but some of the team now believe it is actually spoils from the construction of the nearby money pit. But the team has already found several interesting items in the mound, including an old nail that matched one found when the OC-1 hole was dug, as well as burnt charcoal that was dated back to the 1300s.

Despite those discoveries, the consensus seems to be the serpent feature is a spoils pile from the dig. And given that, Rick Lagina believes the team should focus now on the features that have been discovered in the swamp.

Then there is this odd sequence at the money pit area where Rick Lagina shows up and Craig recounts what they've discovered so far. Which is odd, since earlier in the episode Craig headed to the swamp and spoke to Rick. And the archaeologists who were at the swamp were then seen at the serpent mound with Rick. Honestly, the sequencing of these scenes feels more like a reality show version of "Inception."

Later, several of the team examine the final core from the hole, which goes down to a level of 210 feet. Unfortunately, no more evidence of human activity is found. 

While they shift the drill to the site of the next hole in the money pit area, Charles Barkhouse joins Rick Lagina as they meet with rare coin and artifact expert Sandy Campbell at the Oak Island Interpretive Center. He's there to give his analysis of the gold-colored object found by Gary Drayton in the swamp. Campbell puts the knob in an ultrasonic cleaner, which uses water and sonic pressure to gently clean objects without damaging them. 

In the end, he tells the duo that it is not gold, but brass. But the item was probably a high-end product and likely used on some sort of a jewelry box. But what was inside the box? And why was it found three or four feet below the surface of the swamp?

Later that afternoon, Gary Drayton is detecting items in the swamp and finds a bunch of possible hits. But what they find are some large timbers located next to the stone pathway with large iron fasteners attached to them. Looking at the timbers, Drayton speculates that it could be part of a ship dock that was attached to the stone pathway. 

And we're done for an other week. The tease for next week includes Craig Tester saying they have discovered a shaft that was reported to be located ten feet from the treasure vault. The second reveal is that some unknown item has been dated back to 1492.

See you next week.

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