Update: Enjoy - But Don't Believe - This Review Of 'Wandavision'

Post by: Rick Ellis 09 January, 2021

Ben Mekler is a writer and producer who most recently worked as a staff writer on the excellent Netflix series Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts. But he's also developed a reputation for being someone who is quite adept at tweeting out made-up reviews of buzzy titles. Reviews that are so believable, they have been included in those lazy review aggregation pieces posted by just about every Hollywood trade and large entertainment site.

From the secret "butthole cut" of the movie Cats to the appearance of comics monster Googam in Doctor Strange 2 to the claim that the movie Aquaman includes a musical number, Mekler has used the fact that he might have legitimately had the ability to attend an early screening as a way to prank an embarrassingly long list of publications, ranging from IndieWire to The Wrap.

Well, the embargo has just lifted for social media takes on the upcoming Disney+ series Wandavision (it premieres next Friday) and mixed among all of the other reviews is a hot take from Meckler. Which at first glance might be too nuts for any entertainment journalist to take seriously. But on the other hand, someone believed Aquaman was going to sing and dance. So we'll see how this one lands:

UPDATE: Maybe an hour after I posted this piece, The Wrap posted its Wandavision aggregated reaction piece. Featuring - of course - Mekler's made-up Wandavision reaction. Seriously, how hard is it for a publication to send out a "don't include Mekler's reaction ever" Slack reminder?

Or maybe not. Mekler's tweet isn't included in The Wrap piece NOW. So I have no idea if was originally included and later deleted or if Mekler is just running some spoof-within-a-spoof game. 

Lord, I hate social media.

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