Classic TV Flashback: 'Land Of The Giants'

Post by: Rick Ellis 18 March, 2021

Land Of The Giants was an Irwin Allen-produced series that aired for two seasons on ABC from 1968-1970. Set a years in the future - in 1983 - the premise was pretty simple. The series followed the adventures of the crew and the passengers of a sub-orbital plane named "Spindrift." While flying from Los Angeles to London, the ship entered a magnetic storm, which dragged it into a mysterious "space warp" to a planet where everyone was 12 times larger than they were on Earth.

The Spindrift crashed when it landed on the planet, and luckily the large inhabitants spoke English and seemed to live a life very similar to that on Earth. The bad news is the ship wasn't the first one to crash land on the planet. So the government was offering a reward for the capture of any "little people." Trying to get that reward by capturing one of the Spindrift's crew or passengers was pretty much the plot for every episode.

Despite having a massive (for the time) budget of $250,000 per episode, Allen was always looking for ways to save money, given the high cost of the over-sized props. That included using footage and props from Allen's Lost In Space or re-using stock footage from 20th Century Fox's film library. 

Sadly, the series ended without a resolution, stranding the survivors on planet extra-large. After years of being out of syndication, Land Of The Giants now airs on MeTV on Saturday and Sunday nights, along with the Irwin Allen shows The Time Tunnel, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and Lost In Space.

The cast of Land Of The Giants:

Gary Conway as Captain Steve Burton
Don Matheson as Mark Wilson
Stefan Arngrim as Barry Lockridge
Don Marshall as Dan Erickson
Deanna Lund as Valerie Scott
Heather Young as Betty Hamilton
Kurt Kasznar as Alexander Fitzhugh

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