Charles Segars, CEO of Ovation TV Statement On The Arts Under The Biden Administration

Post by: AYS Staff 10 November, 2020

"As we look to new leadership in the White House, all Americans, regardless of political party, are reeling from job loss and economic insecurity from a pandemic whose toll only continues to grow. Around 2.7 million of those still unemployed are arts workers, in red states and blue states alike, yet the arts and culture sector has been largely left out of stimulus talks. Joe Biden understands the unifying power of the arts as well as their economic value, a massive $877 billion industry that drives 4.5% of our nation's GDP every year. From community theater groups to local symphony musicians, to stage crews, set builders, electricians and engineers, these Americans have little hope of returning to their livelihoods for months to come, when performance venues and concert halls may be able to safely re-open. Congress must get back to work to deliver relief. Without federal aid for the arts and culture scenes that power local restaurants and tourism, our entire economy will be slower to recover. The arts have the power to bring together and heal a deeply divided nation like ours, but only if the industry survives. I am optimistic that in a Biden administration, the arts and culture sector will be given the weight it deserves. It is past time for the federal government to treat the arts in a way that reflects their value to our country."

Charles Segars, CEO of Ovation TV

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