Christmas Movies: 'Mingle All The Way'

Synopsis: A young entrepreneur is trying to win over investors for the dating app she has developed. To help bring investors on for expansion, she promises to take part in using it in the coming weeks before Christmas to find love and track her progress. (Courtesy Hallmark Channel, 2018)

The Cast:
Jen Lilley as Mary Hoffman
Brant Daugherty as Jeff Scanlon
Lindsay Wagner as Veronica Hoffman
Casey Manderson as Tyler Newman
Sandy Sidhu as Lisa Turner
April Telek as Erica Fielding
Jesse Arthur Carroll as Frank Fielding
Larissa Dias as Michelle Hoffman
Serge Houde as Reginald Hoffman
Rebecca Staab as Helen Lange
Malcom Stewart as Lloyd Grayson
Ava Grace Cooper as Riley Fielding
Preston Vanderslice as Brent
Adil Zaidi as Kevin
Jennifer Kitchen as Heather

Production Credits:
Written by: Samantha Herman
Directed by: Allan Harmon

It premiered Friday, December 7th, 2018 on Hallmark.