The Hollywood Reporter's Four-Year-Old Shade-Throwing At Celebrities Who Vowed To Move To Canada

Post by: Rick Ellis 17 October, 2020

Both celebrities and politicians have a tendency to say stupid things when faced with the prospect of someone they hate winning an election. So it's not surprising that in 2016, a number of well-known Hollywood names made some comment along the lines of "if Trump wins, I'm moving out of the U.S."

Truthfully, no one believed they were going to do that anymore than they believe President Trump's recent public ponderings that he might leave the country if he loses next month's Presidential election. So this 2016 post-election article from The Hollywood Reporter which followed up on stars who had previously proclaimed their intention to exit the U.S. after Trump's win might be a bit petty. But okay, if you say something dumb don't be surprised if someone mocks you afterwards.

And the article is certainly full of passive-aggressive snark, with comments such as this about actress Chloe Sevigny :

Before the election: The actress seemed to have it all planned out when she responded to the "Where would you go if Trump became president" question in two simple words: Nova Scotia. 

After the election: She chimed in on the election, but has yet to address any plans to move.

All of that doesn't explain why The Hollywood Reporter is retweeting that 2016 article today, four years after it was first posted. Although maybe it was all a mistake, since that tweet has now been deleted

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