Netflix France Has Some Fun Dunking On Netflix's 'Emily In Paris'

Post by: Rick Ellis 12 October, 2020

We are all familiar with the concept of "hate-watching" a TV show. It's when you continue to watch a show that you find yourself absolutely loathing because it's so overwhelmingly upsetting that complaining about it is almost cathartic. I'm not sure that there is an official term for watching a show because it makes your eyes roll like the lemons on a slot machine. But whatever that term might be, it seems to be the reason why a lot of viewers of the new Netflix series Emily In Paris continue to watch the series.

In the series, Lily Collins plays Emily, an ambitious twenty-something marketing executive from Chicago who find herself unexpectedly moving to Paris to run the social media for a French luxury marketing company. And the response from viewers has been...mixed. Collins is charming and of course the charm of Paris is a draw. But a lot of viewers also complain the show often puts the cringe in "cringe-worthy." That reaction is especially the case in France, where viewers have been mocking the awkward mix of affection and cultural tone-deafness they claim plagues the show.

Even the Twitter account for Netflix France has gotten into the dunking act, taking some mostly good-natured shots at one of the official images used to promote the series:

That official poster inspired a few not-so-official ideas for Emily's possible adventures in other locations:

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