Walk Around Like You're A Successful NBC Executive...From The 80s

Post by: Rick Ellis 26 August, 2020

The 1986-1987 primetime TV season was a great time to be an executive at NBC. The Cosby Show, Family Ties and Cheers were the top three shows on television that season. The Golden Girls was #5 and Night Court was #7. And let's not forget L.A. Law, Highway To Heaven, Miami Vice, Matlock, AlfHunter, Amen and 227 were all in the Top 30. So it's no surprise that the network executives wanted to commemorate the season with something special.

Apparently, it involved a Super Bowl-style ring that certainly screams domination.

An auction web site is offering one of the rings for sale and with a minimum reserved price of $1,100, it sadly won't end up at AllYourScreens HQ. But it's an impressive ring, even though I have to imagine that the market for this type of thing is fairly small.

You can find the auction here, with this handy explanation of what you'll get:

Corporate recognition award rings are a powerful symbol of accomplishment, appreciation and honor!

Corporate award rings always impress!

This one is no exception! – Beautiful, elegant award ring created by NBC TV Channel for 1986-87 Ratings Champion.

Now you have a chance to purchase this memorabilia jewel! -

Created in the end of 1980’s.

Features an oval cabochon synthetic ruby set in blackened 10k yellow gold.

The synthetic ruby measures 9.50 x 7.54 mm.

The ring is size 5 and can be sized if needed.

It weighs 10.8 grams.

The ring is 5/8" wide in the center.

It is not big; it is gracious and sophisticated.

In great condition; wear consistent with age and use