AccuWeather Founder Dr. Joel N. Myers Comments On NY Times Story On FOX Entry Into Weather

Post by: AYS Staff 10 July, 2021

Weather events have an annual global economic impact of trillions of dollars and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries each year. As increasingly volatile weather impacts more people, the focus should not be on an unproven entrant and "media wars," (Fox’s New Channel Changes the Climate for Weather TV, July 6, 2021).

Since founding AccuWeather nearly 60 years ago, I have been firm in our mission to protect lives and property above all else. AccuWeather now reaches more than 1.5 billion people globally and our AccuWeather Network reaches 36 million homes and growing rapidly. We are on track to overtake competitors by providing the most authentic descriptions of upcoming weather without hype or exaggeration. Numerous independent statistical comparisons have proven the superior accuracy of AccuWeather forecasts over all others, which translates into people and companies making the best decisions and keeping their families safer. 

Talk of “media wars” misses the point: accurate and timely information matters. People’s lives are at stake. That is our focus and always will be. 

SOURCE: Accuweather

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